In a world full of stimuli and bustle, there is something magical about the beauty of minimalism. The 'Minimalist' interior design style embraces simplicity, functionality and tranquillity. With cut-to-size mdf, plywood, melamine-coated particleboard or board, you can create your own minimalist furniture and decorations, which fit this style perfectly.

One of the hallmarks of minimalism is avoiding unnecessary embellishments and complex designs. Use custom-sawn mdf or plywood to create sleek and simple furniture pieces, such as a minimalist bookshelf on the wall or a clean-lined coffee table for the living room.

Colours also matter in minimalist interiors. Opt for natural tones, such as white, beige, grey and light wood, to create a calm and serene atmosphere. Using melamine-coated chipboard or board in these colours, you can create beautiful cabinets, tables or sideboards that fit seamlessly into the minimalist style.

In addition, functionality is essential in a minimalist interior. Use custom-cut mdf or plywood to create clever storage solutions, such as built-in bookshelves or wall cabinets with hidden doors.

Also consider the power of simple decorations. Using custom-sawn melamine panels in light tones, you can create minimalist wall decorations, for example by creating a geometric pattern. This adds subtle visual interest without compromising the soothing atmosphere.

In short, with cut-to-size mdf, plywood, melaminated chipboard or board, you can create your own minimalist oasis. Clean lines, natural tones and functional designs are central to this style. Unleash your creativity and enjoy the peace and serenity of your homemade minimalist masterpieces.