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Order cut-to-size plywood quickly and easily. Choose the plywood sheet you need, and we will accurately cut it to the desired shape and size. There are more possibilities than you think! View the available plywood shapes and finishes per product. Scroll down for this. Have you become curious about all the shapes we can realize? Take a look at our forms here!

Plywood sheets: what is it?

Plywood sheets consist of several layers of wood veneer. These layers are glued crosswise on top of each other, which makes the sheet very strong. Because of the layers, the sheet edges of plywood are nice to see and are often kept in view. Plywood is an easily machinable sheet and can be used for countless different projects. This is partly because it is one of the oldest types of sheet material. Over the years it has grown into one giant wooden sheet family with diverse variations. The layers of plywood can be hardwood or softwood, such as birch, beech, poplar or marine.

Types of plywood

Plywood sheets have a natural look just like solid wood. The most commonly used variant is plywood birch. This type of wood not only has a nice and calm appearance, but is also very strong. Perfect for furniture and projects that involve relatively heavy loads. If you want to go for a slightly warmer and softer look, choose plywood interior poplar. This type of wood is lightweight, making it perfect for children's toys, for example. 

Plywood beech is a wood type that is a lot heavier than poplar plywood. The advantage of beech is that it does not give off any smell or taste. This makes this type of wood popular for the use in, among other things, a pantry or cupboard. Finally, you can opt for plywood Polish pine. Plywood’s stronger brother with its remarkable warm flame. 

Our range of Plywood sheets includes the following types:

The structure of plywood

The versatility of plywood makes it a popular wood type. Plywood consists of glued veneer layers. These veneer layers come from different trees. This gives the sheet material certain properties. When choosing a plywood sheet, it is important to pay attention to these properties. Will you opt for a hardwood or softwood type? Is the look important for your project, or are you going to use the sheet material outside? Read more about the different properties and variants of plywood below.

Properties of plywood

Plywood sheets consist of different layers of wood veneer. Because the layers are glued crosswise on top of each other, a strong sheet is created. Wood tends to warp, and so do plywood sheets. During the production of plywood, tension may be applied to the sheet. During sawing, milling or when exposed to temperature changes, this tension can escape and affect the sheet.

Does this happen? Then you can bend the sheet back by putting a heavy item on it for one night. During the assembly of the sheet, the curvature often disappears. Don't want to run that risk? Then opt for MDF.

Hardwood or softwood plywood sheets? 

Plywood sheets are composed of different types of wood, and that wood gives the plywood certain properties. There are various types of plywood hardwood, such as birch and beech. These sheets are strong. The bonding makes a sheet suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Softwood plywood, as the name suggests, is softer and more impact sensitive. Also think of poplar plywood here. As a result, this sheet material is generally also more budget friendly.

Different colours and top layers of plywood

Partly because of its natural look, many DIY projects opt for plywood. The top layer of plywood depends on the type of wood from which the sheet is constructed. For example, plywood poplar is very light and has soft, delicate markings. Plywood birch is darker and has clear markings. Do you want really tough-looking plywood? Plywood Polish pine has a warm, wild flame. Below you will find all plywood sheet materials which you can easily order cut to size from us.

If you plan to paint or varnish your project, it is best to opt for primed plywood. This means that you don't have to prime the wood anymore. This allows you to directly apply the colour layer. This definitely speed up your project! Please note, the edges do not have this primer. Finish the edges with an edge sealer before you start painting.

Plywood sheets and moisture

Plywood is a sheet family with many possibilities. Besides the popular plywood sheets for indoor use, we also offer plywood sheets suitable for outdoor applications. Perfect for making a couch, planter or veranda. You can also order plywood sheets for outdoor use with or without primer online.

Available thicknesses of plywood

Plywood sheets can be ordered in different thicknesses. You can easily specify the desired thickness while configuring the product. This way you can be sure that the sheet material meets your requirements: both the size and thickness of the material. In our web shop, you can order plywood 6 mm, plywood 9 mm, plywood 12 mm, plywood 15 mm, plywood 18 mm, plywood 22 mm and have it cut to size.

DIY tips for assembling and finishing plywood

Plywood sheets are easy to assemble. However, when cutting a plywood sheet, tension can be released. The same applies when plywood is used in damp rooms or when the sheet is exposed to various temperature differences. A rule of thumb for the screw length is to choose 3 times the sheet thickness. When installing plywood, universal chipboard screws are often chosen. Pre-drilling is recommended.

Common applications of plywood

Plywood is one of the oldest types of sheet materials. Over the years, various plywood variants have been developed, making this sheet material suitable for a lot of woodwork. Because of its beautiful edge, you could use it for table or counter tops. But there are also other DIY projects that use plywood, such as furniture, bookcases, cabinets, desks, shelves, dollhouses and more!

Alternatives to plywood

Is plywood not what you're looking for? View our entire range of wooden sheets here; everything can be cut or milled to size down to the millimetre and you can find the ideal wood type for your next project. 

Plywood or solid wood?

Both wooden sheets are made of real wood. In the case of plywood, these are bonded veneer layers, which means that the sheet is made up of thin layers of wood. Solid wood is characterised by the fact that it consists of the same type of wood throughout. Prefer solid? See all solid wood and timberboards here.