Board game cupboard under sloping roof next to dormer window, by Erik

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2 minutes

Description by Erik

A board game cabinet of almost 5 meters wide, under the sloping part of the attic, where the dormer window had to remain 50 cm from the outer wall. Depth of the cabinet is 48cm, all pieces ordered to measure. Standard board game size is 30cm, so the square spaces are 34x34 for a bit of clearance. On the other rows have boxes of 41 and 27 wide for the wider and narrower games. Doors at the bottom with push-to-open and an extra shelf inside the cabinets.

How I made this project

Entire cabinet modeled in Sketchup Free (see working drawing). Ordered the wood based on this. Before construction: First the wooden frame made of beams attached to the wall with bolts for the solid base. Then made the right upright from 2 planks and kept it straight with a support beam and 2 clamps. Then attach the partitions with dowels at the bottom and glue at the top, and always place a plank on top. The length of the cabinet on the inside is 2 x 2m42 (max size can be ordered). Finishing under the slanted section was difficult given the 20 degree angle; cut as much as possible at an angle and finish with plaster. We ordered the wood unprimed (MDF blank 15mm); primed twice and varnished once. Next time we will order the wood primed immediately.

Dimensions of my DIY project

491 cm wide X 202 cm high x 48 cm deep

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