Wall unit (type box) made by Paul and Veronieke

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2 minutes

Paul and Veronieke share their DIY project in which they create an original wall unit in letterbox style. Be inspired by their design and creativity as they show how they created this unique piece of furniture. Discover how you can make a similar wall unit yourself to add a personal touch to your interior.

Description by Paul and Veronieke

We have made a custom wall unit with MDF planks to to give more atmosphere to the living room, by adding a robust 'type box' in which we can place personal items, such as photo frames, art, etc.

How I made this project

  • Step 1: get inspiration on the internet in terms of wall furniture models/ type boxes
  • Step 2: make various sketches, with regard to the compartment division, to determine what is good in terms of taste and also easily achievable
  • Step 3: take concrete dimensions and make a final drawing to determine the required material (MDF planks)
  • Step 4: opmaatzagen.nl has all the planks cut very efficiently from one large MDF (blank 50 mm) plate
  • Step 5: primed the MDF planks
  • Step 6: painted the planks in the same color as the wall
  • Step 7: using a test plank, remove the skirting board from the standing planks are cut with a jigsaw, so that they can be placed tightly against the wall (with some extra notch for cables)
  • Step 8: measure and pre-drill the screw holes in the standing parts, with which the planks will be attached /li>
  • Step 9: assembly of the furniture and placement in parts (due to size and weight) Step 10: mounting on the wall using some corner pieces at the top to prevent it from falling over

Dimensions of my DIY project

305 cm wide, 240 cm high and 14 cm deep, with 5 cm thick planks

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How next?

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