Self-designed modern cupboard and wine rack, by Evy

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Creative with wood: your own cupboard and wine rack

Are you looking for inspiration for a DIY project that is both functional and stylish? Then be inspired by Evy's project, who has created her own shelving unit and wine rack with the precision and craftsmanship of With a personal touch, Evy's cupboard gives a unique twist to her interior.

Custom made

The basis of this project is wood that has been sawn to size by, which ensures a professional result, even if you work at home. By painting it herself, Evy was able to choose her own color, resulting in a deep green, almost blackish color that contrasts with her light wooden floor.

The structure of the project

The project starts with a sturdy construction, cleverly arranged shelves and compartments that provide sufficient space for both storage and display of accessories. The added wine rack is not only practical, but also enhances the feeling of luxury. 

At home in the living room

Evy has given her cupboard and wine rack a central place in her living room, where it doubles as a stylish piece of furniture and storage solution. 

Why make it yourself?

The choice to make a cupboard and wine rack yourself is not only satisfying, it also offers you the flexibility to fully customize the dimensions and materials. to make. Working with OPMAATZAGEN.nll ensures that the materials fit, and the choice of painting yourself makes it possible to fully implement your own style. Moreover, by doing the work yourself you can save considerably on your budget, without sacrificing quality.

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How next?

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