Shoe Closet

Every corridor deserves a shoe cupboard. A place where you can put all your shoes, so that the corridor remains calm and tidy. Because every corridor and shoe collection is different, you will want a tailored shoe cupboard. Why not make your own shoe cupboard? It is easier than you think, especially if you let us cut the wood to size. What kind of shoe cabinet are you going to make?

Make your own cupboard

You can make your own shoe cupboard as easy or difficult as you like. A nice, simple project is making a shoe rack. With nice, sawn timber panels and some ironwork, you can quickly create a sleek-looking shoe rack. Want a more elaborate shoe rack? Then you can also use our custom configurator. This will allow you to design a low cupboard with flaps, so that you can tidy away your shoes and keep your hallway nice and clean.

Create an industrial shoe cabinet

The industrial style is very popular these days, so a shoe cabinet or shoe rack in this style is also very much in demand. You can make an industrial shoe cabinet yourself by using timber panels. This wood still has a visible wood grain and therefore has a natural, tough appearance. Combine that with scaffold tubes or matte black bars and you have a beautiful shoe cabinet in industrial style. Because you are working with metal, it is a bit more difficult to get everything in the right sizes. If you want to go for an industrial style, it is easier to make a shoe rack, for example.

How are you going to make your shoe cupboard? Get inspired by our projects below and get to work!