Looking for a new work surface? Why not make one yourself? It is easier than you think, especially if you have wood cut to size in advance. With cut-to-size wood and board material, practically anyone can make a beautiful DIY wooden worktop. Need inspiration or tips? We have some blogs and DIY projects here to help you out.

Create a worktop in the kitchen

Do you want to make a worktop for your kitchen? You can! It is important, however, that you use material that can withstand moisture. Sheet materials that can withstand moisture are for example Damp-proof MDF, also known as V313 and Okoume plywood. These two board materials are often used in damp rooms and sometimes even outside.

MDF is a good choice if you want to finish your worktop in a sleek colour and provide it with a scratch-resistant top layer, for example. MDF is easy to process and can therefore be finished entirely according to your taste and wishes. Okoume plywood has a warm colour and a beautiful visible wood structure. This material can therefore be used very well if you want to make a worktop with a warm natural look.

TIP: A worktop is often 80.0 cm deep, so it is important to make sure that the material you are going to use is also available with a width greater than 80.0 cm.

Make worktop for IKEA kitchen

If you work a lot in the kitchen, your worktop can wear out more quickly. Sometimes even faster than the rest of the kitchen. If this is the case for you, you can replace your kitchen worktop yourself by making one to measure. By measuring your kitchen and old worktop, you can decide on the size of your new worktop and have all parts cut to size by us. Do you have an IKEA kitchen? Then you're in luck. Because IKEA kitchens are so popular, you can find a lot of inspiration for new worktops. You'll also find useful tips to make measuring and mounting easier.

What kind of worktop do you make? Get inspired by our projects below and get to work!