Make your own custom side table for the living room, by Tess

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3 minutes

Custom-made side table: an inspiring project for your living room

Are you looking for a unique addition to your living room? Tess has proven with this DIY project that with a little creativity and the right materials from you can create a stylish and functional piece of furniture. Her custom side table fits perfectly with the sofa and adds a personal touch to the room. See how Tess's project can inspire you to get started yourself!

A unique design for your interior

Tess's side table is not just any table ; it is a tailor-made creation that harmonizes perfectly with the homely atmosphere of her living room. The cool, neutral color fits seamlessly with the warm wooden floor and the soft fabrics of her sofa. The piece of furniture has been specially designed to unite the practical with the aesthetic, complete with a built-in socket for optimal ease of use.

Why a custom-made side table?

The flexibility in dimensions and the freedom in choice of materials means that you can make optimal use of your space with a custom-made side table. Plus, you can tailor the project to your budget, making this an attractive option for those who want unique design without the high price tag. Making furniture yourself offers you the opportunity to experiment with color, finish and shape to give a truly personal touch to your interior.

Think big, create bigger

In In Tess's living room, the project unmistakably comes into its own. Not only is it a practical addition, but it also serves as a stylish backdrop for artwork or vases. The side table is also a smart solution for neatly concealing cables, which contributes to the sleek, organized appearance of the room.

Personalize your living space

A custom side table is the way to go. to reflect your personality in your living space. Tess's choice of MDF Blank of 22 mm provides a modern, timeless look that she will enjoy for years to come. The smooth finish and the ability to treat the material as desired made MDF an ideal choice for this project.

The end result: a stylish addition

The project was completed with a chic and contemporary design. Tess's side table is a still life of tranquility and style, proving that homemade furniture can be the heart of the home. It is the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics.

The advantages of MDF Blank

MDF Blank is a versatile material that is often used for interior projects. Its silky texture and strength make it ideal for furniture that needs to be both stylish and durable. The material is easy to edit, paint or cover, giving Tess the freedom to bring her creative vision to life.

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How next?

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