Create a Chic Wall Ornament with Plaster, Acrylic and Gold Leaf, by Jen

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2 minutes

Inspiration for a wall ornament in the living room

Do you want a unique, homemade wall ornament? Be inspired by Jen's beautiful art project made from plaster, gel medium, acrylic paint and gold leaf. This personal work of art is not only a decoration on the wall, but it also reflects the creativity with which it was made. Discover how you can make your own statement in your interior with this example.

The process behind the artwork

The wall ornaments that Jen has made have the impressive dimensions of 80.0 cm respectively diameter by 2.0 cm thick and 60.0 cm diameter by 3.0 cm thick. The base for these ornaments was made of MDF, sawn by, after which the process started. Texture and depth were added using a gel medium and several layers of acrylic paint. The use of gold leaf gives a luxurious finish and really brings the work of art to life.

The aesthetic harmony in the living room

These unique wall ornaments are a stylish addition to Jen's living room . The subtle use of color and the natural shapes of the artwork create a serene atmosphere. The white canvas of the walls is accentuated by the gold leaf, which creates a dynamic but balanced interior.

Why make it yourself?

Making your own wall ornament offers many advantages. This way you have full control over the dimensions and you can design it entirely to your own taste. You also put together your own budget and choose freely from a range of materials.

The style of Jen's project

Jen's wall ornaments reflect a minimalist style with an exotic twist. The contrast of the black and gold tones brings a modern flair, while the organic patterns and textures suggest a connection with nature.

Advantages of MDF Blank as a base

MDF Blank 18 mm , used to make these wall ornaments, is a popular material due to its smooth surface and uniform consistency. It lends itself well to editing, including painting and texturing. In addition, an MDF Blank 25 mm variant has been used for the thicker ornament, which provides extra strength and a more robust appearance.

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How next?

Want to make this DIY project? Check out Jen's saw list and complete your order easily.

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