Make your own shelving unit with TOSIZE Furniture, by Hanneke

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TOSIZE Furniture
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TOSIZE Furniture
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Self-designed cupboard draws all the attention in the living room

Do you want to personalize your interior? Follow the inspiration project of Hanneke, who transformed her living room with a custom-made design. Discover how you can design and create a shelving unit that perfectly suits your style and space.

Hanneke's own design and color choice

Hanneke has designed a custom-made shelving unit. The cupboard is composed of different compartments, each with its own dimension, giving the whole a unique look. The own color that Hanneke has chosen, bright white, provides a fresh look that fits in with both modern and traditional interiors.

The structure

The shelving unit is made up of different sections, with each shelf is positioned to optimize both function and form. This can be seen in the photos of the step by step process. saw the wood to size, which made assembly smooth and precise.

Benefits of making it yourself

By making the shelving unit herself, Hanneke had the freedom to fully adjust the sizes and materials to your wishes. This DIY project illustrates how, with a little creativity and a budget-friendly approach, you can create a custom cabinet that might otherwise have been unattainable.

The style of Hanneke's shelving unit

With her self-designed shelving unit, Hanneke has created a minimalist and modern atmosphere. The cabinet is sleek, but becomes an eye-catcher due to the asymmetrical layout and the subtle shadow effects.

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How next?

Would you like to make this DIY project? This furniture is from our TOSIZE Furniture line. Create your personal custom-made furniture via our 3D configurator and receive it as a simple kit.

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