Custom pine storage shelves for the utility room, by Rob

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Description by Rob

Our utility room was in need of a major makeover. The washer and dryer were on top of each other. A new floor had to be installed and the walls and ceiling had to be painted. We also thought it would be useful to place the washing machine and dryer a little higher. We also thought a thick wooden frame and a shelf for the laundry items would be nice. We got inspiration from Pinterest and that's how we came up with this. We are very happy with it.

How I made this project

First measured what width and height it should be. We initially planned to make a cupboard between the dryer and washing machine, but then we would get into a knot with the door. We eventually replaced the cupboard with just a shelf. You cut everything to size perfectly. I only had to cut a few pieces. I did not make a working drawing, that was not necessary, I only measured and ordered the necessary pieces of wood.

Dimensions of my DIY project

143.0 cm wide by 170.0 cm high

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€ 345,01

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