Efficient work shelf above the washing machine/dryer, by Ramon

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2 minutes

Discover the work shelf transformation in the laundry room

Do you dream of a laundry room where everything has its place, with a work area where you can fold and sort? Ramon achieved exactly that: he created a stylish and efficient work shelf above the washing machine and dryer, custom-made by OPMAATZAGEN.nl for his home project.

Custom-made for maximum efficiency

Thanks With the service of OPMAATZAGEN.nl, Ramon installed a custom-sawn plank of MDF Blank 22 mm that fits exactly in the available space above his washing machine and dryer. The work shelf not only has a practical function by making extra space available, but also gives a streamlined look to the room.

Personal touch and color

The neutral color makes the work shelf fit seamlessly matches the white walls and appliances, while still adding a personal touch to the space. Not to forget, the choice of light material makes the room feel larger and brighter.

Luxury look in a functional space

The work shelf above the washing machine and dryer is not only functional but gives also a feeling of luxury and tranquility. The smooth finish and sturdy material emphasize Ramon's attention to quality and detail in this DIY project.

Photogenic details

A look at the photos shows us the meticulous approach to this project. Using a spirit level, Ramon ensured a perfectly horizontal installation. Even the different angles and the precise fit of the panel illustrate the care that went into tailoring.

The practical benefits of DIY

By realizing a project like this yourself , you have the freedom to choose both the dimensions and the material that perfectly suit your needs and budget. Doing it yourself not only saves costs, but also provides a tailor-made solution that you will not find in the store.

Stylish finish

The work shelf has a minimalist style that is both modern as timeless. The simple lines and the lack of visible supports enhance the floating appearance, making it both functional and fashionable.

Advantages of MDF Blank 22 mm

MDF Blank 22 mm is a versatile type of wood which is known for its durability and ease of use. This type of wood is ideal for a do-it-yourself project because it is easy to paint and customize to your specific needs.

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How next?

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