Make your own washing machine conversion from moisture-resistant MDF, by Chantal

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To prevent leaks from washing machines, many people place a drip tray underneath. This is of course very practical, but not very beautiful. Chantal thought so too; That's why she made a raise for her washing machines herself from sawn MDF moisture-resistant, ordered online. A fun DIY with a beautiful result.

Description by Chantal

Because of the wooden floor, we have a drip tray for the washing machine and dryer. Not exactly nice to look at, which is why we wanted a conversion in which the containers are no longer visible. We chose moisture-resistant MDF.

How I made this project

We put everything together using corner connections. The shelf at the bottom covers the drip trays. Because the shelves in the middle partly fall over the drip trays and therefore have little support - other than being attached to the shelf at the front - they are supported in the middle by a furniture leg. Once the conversion was complete, we partially painted it. The sides of MDF moisture-resistant are green.

Dimensions of my DIY project

Length: 160.0 cm
Height: 91.0 cm
Depth: 73 .0 cm

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