Make washing a lot easier with a custom washing machine furniture! By Arjaan

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TOSIZE Furniture
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See my washing machine cabinet here. It is a very simple design but very functional and practical to use. Space on the left for 4 laundry baskets if necessary and on the right two compartments for detergent, etc.
The furniture has been further assembled with screws and angle irons and reinforced at the rear by clamping planks between the standing parts.

Washing machine conversion

After I had picked up all the planks from, I immediately started.

- Ordered planks to size
- Finished with clear matte lacquer, I varnished the planks at least twice.
- Assembled with screws and angle irons
- Assembly is easiest with 2 people

The planks are 18mm thick and they have been treated several times with a matte varnish. There were a few inferior planks, but you hardly see any of them in the furniture. I used the screws as shown in the photos. I noticed that the Torcx Screws go into the wood very easily after you first pre-drill the holes.

The dimensions of the furniture

Top top 180.0cm x 70.0cm
Side and standing parts 90.0cm x 70.0cm
Shelves 30.0cm x 70.0cm

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