A custom kitchen worktop for the utility room, by Sylvia

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Very easy

3 minutes

Inspiring transformation of the utility room with a custom worktop

Are you looking for inspiration to freshen up your utility room? Then take a look at this fantastic DIY project from Sylvia, who gave her space a new look with a stylish and functional kitchen worktop. This project perfectly illustrates how you can create a practical and attractive space with a little creativity and the right materials.

The choice for a new worktop

Sylvia chose a robust, custom-made worktop from OPMAATZAGEN.nl in black, which fits perfectly with the modern equipment in her utility room. The MDF Moisture Resistant V313 Black 22 mm material is not only aesthetically attractive but also particularly practical for rooms with higher humidity.

Details of the project

The worktop not only offers space for household appliances such as the washing machine and dishwasher, but also for kitchen appliances and a fruit bowl, which contributes to the homely atmosphere. The deep, black color of the MDF top contrasts nicely with the white appliances, and the smooth finish ensures seamless integration into the utility room.

The importance of a self-made project

By If you make or purchase a worktop yourself, you have full control over the dimensions and choice of materials. By choosing a custom solution from OPMAATZAGEN.nl, Sylvia has had the freedom to have a top made that fits seamlessly in her utility room. This offers many advantages: a suitable design for the space, choice of material and color, and cost savings because no unnecessary material is wasted.

The perfect match in the utility room

It Sylvia's worktop is seamlessly adapted to the washing machine and dishwasher, so it not only provides a workspace, but also contributes to an organized appearance. The utility room benefits from additional work surface and the worktop turns a purely functional space into an integral part of the home where style and practicality go hand in hand.

The style of the project

This project exudes a modern, minimalist atmosphere, where the black color of the worktop gives an elegant, timeless look. The use of MDF Moisture-resistant gives a contemporary flair that is not only beautiful, but also extremely suitable for areas such as the utility room where moisture plays a role.

Advantages of MDF Moisture-resistant V313 Black 22 mm

Choosing MDF Moisture-resistant V313 Black 22 mm for the realization of a kitchen worktop has many advantages. This material has been specifically developed to perform well in humid conditions. The black colored surface gives a refined look and is at the same time easy to maintain. The thickness of 22 mm ensures that the top feels sturdy and robust, which contributes to the qualitative impression of the whole.

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How next?

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