Sleek shoe cabinet made of primed MDF, by Harmen

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A cupboard in the hall to store shoes, among other things. In addition, equipped with 30 by 30 baskets for items such as scarves, gloves, etc.

Work description: how did you realize your project

Step 1: drawing made Step 2: MDF ordered Step 3: Draw all dimensions on MDF and note where I want to mill Step 4: Start with a slat milling cutter. Step 5: Sand everything Step 6: Apply a lamello to all milled holes, and see if the project fits together! Step 7: Glue the middle piece together first. Good clamps. Unfortunately, I didn't have a large glue clamp, which is handy Step 8: Then glue the sides and bottom, step by step Step 9: Assemble cupboard hangers Step 10: Remove everything and paint Step 11: The product is ready.

Final size: What are the outer dimensions?

Height: 130.0 cm Width: 106.0 cm Depth: 30.5 cm

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