Homemade shoe cabinet from blank MDF, by Max

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2 minutes

Description of Max

A simple shoe cabinet custom made to fit in our hallway without obstructing the access to the stairs. Equipped with a downward flap so that it remains easily accessible. On the inside there are 2 compartments for shoes, the height of which can be changed. In total there is room for about 8 pairs of shoes and there is also a small space for shopping bags and other small accessories. The whole thing, painted in white, looks very sleek.

How I made this project

I made a simple cupboard from the planks sawn to size. Because I don't want any visible seams, I mitered all the outside corners, as well as the downward flap at the front. I glued the connections and placed small beams here and there in the corners, which were also glued and screwed to provide extra strength. The two vertical dividers were then placed, glued all around and reinforced with screws at the back and bottom. All this makes a very sturdy cabinet. I made some shelf layers from some scrap wood, so that the shelves can be adjusted depending on the shoes.

Dimensions of my DIY project

Width: 90.0 cm
Depth : 38.4 cm
Height: 45.6 cm (excluding legs)

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How next?

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