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Do-it-yourself inspiration: a custom-made shoe rack

Are you looking for a practical and at the same time stylish way to store your shoes? Be inspired by Antoon's DIY project, who designed a unique shoe rack with the help of No more messy piles of shoes in the hall; With this custom-made rack you can present your footwear neatly and with flair.

Project structure and use of color

The shoe rack that Antoon has created is not just any storage piece. The plates were cut to size by and carefully assembled and glued together by Antoon himself. The rack is then painted in his favorite colors, which gives it a personal and lively look. The result is a practical shoe storage solution with compartments in different sizes, the surface of which is painted in a fresh green shade and the inside in a contrasting red color.

A harmonious addition to the hall

The rack fits seamlessly into the hall - the room where shoes are put on and taken off every day. The use of bright colors in the piece of furniture makes it a remarkable and activating element in the entrance to Antoon's house.

Benefits of self-construction

By making a shoe rack yourself, as Antoon did , you benefit from significant benefits. You are not limited to standard sizes and can fully adapt your furniture to your own wishes and the available space. You can also keep your budget under control by choosing the material and assembling it yourself.

Unique style

Antoon's shoe rack exudes personality thanks to the quirky choice of color and customization constructed construction. This project shows that with a little creativity you can make furniture that is both functional and a statement in your interior.

MDF Blank: the advantages of 22 mm

Antoon chose MDF Blank in 22 mm for the basic construction of his shoe rack, a choice that offers both durability and machinability. This material is easy to process and ideal for a sleek finish, which is essential for the DIYer looking for a professional result.

MDF Blank: why 38 mm is ideal

For parts of the shoe rack that required extra strength, MDF Blank of 38 mm was used. This heavier material is ideal for carrying heavier objects and provides a more robust feel, which contributes to the overall quality of the project.

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How next?

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