DIY shoe and hallway closet inspiration, by Matthias

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Inspiration for your own hallway closet

Do you dream of a tidy hallway where your shoes and coats are neatly stored? Then this DIY project by Matthias, a practical shoe cabinet, might be exactly what you need for inspiration! Using custom sawn wood from, Matthias has created a unique wardrobe that motivates you to get started yourself.

Custom shoe cabinet

This shoe cabinet is an example of precise customization. The robust OSB 3 planks of 11 mm thick are sawn to size and carefully assembled into a sturdy construction. The natural wood color provides a warm appearance and the visible screws give the cabinet an industrial touch. Each pair of shoes gets its own place in one of the many compartments, which not only ensures order, but also makes each shoe stand out.

Fits perfectly in the hallway

The shoe cabinet is not only functional, it is a stylish piece of furniture that fits seamlessly into the hallway. The dimensions have been chosen so that the cupboard fits easily under a coat rack, ensuring optimal use of space. The open compartments ensure that the cupboard does not look too massive and the hallway remains spacious.

The advantages of self-construction

By working on Matthias' project yourself, you have you have the freedom to fully customize the shoe cabinet to your wishes. Choose the dimensions that are suitable for your hallway and the wood that suits your style. Moreover, self-build is often friendlier to your wallet than if you were to purchase a comparable piece of furniture in the store.

A completed project with character

Matthias has completely finished the shoe cabinet and the result is a practical, but at the same time attractive addition to the interior. The choice of OSB 3 11 mm gives the cabinet a sturdy appearance and shows that this material is not only functional, but can also be used decoratively.

OSB 3 11 mm: strong and stylish

Using OSB 3 11 mm wood has several advantages. Not only is this type of wood sturdy and durable, it also has an unmistakable texture that adds character to any project. The OSB panels are environmentally friendly and offer excellent value for money.

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How next?

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