DIY shoe and wardrobe cabinet made of primed MDF, by Mathijs

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A cupboard for the front door where shoes, children's coats and scarves/hats can be stored. Because our ground floor is completely open and the back of the cupboard is visible, the back also had to be finished and not too boring

Work description: how did you realize your project

Attached drawing of project (front and side view and shelf order list).

First the cupboards on the sides (with compartments for shoes). All connections pre-drilled and screw heads countersunk. The small planks E are attached to the middle standing plank A via dowels. Then joined the two cabinets by building a middle piece between them. Here too, with countersunk screw connections where possible, but if not possible, with dowels. Strength comes via planks at the back and 8 small corner profiles at the bottom of plank D.

Finish based on fillers, updating primer and 3 layers of lacquer

Final size: What are the external dimensions ?

Lxwxh is 150.8 x 41.8 x 112.6 cm

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