Tight panels for bulkhead in dormer window, by Mark

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Description by Mark

A partition made for the storage room in the attic that had been moved a bit. And next to it a wall for the side of a dormer window. I used 9 mm thick elliotis pine underlayment panels that are originally 240 by 120 cm. By having it custom made and delivered, it saves me a lot of work. Just need to finish it a little, after placing it and then I will have a sturdy shot everywhere again.

How I made this project

First measured everything carefully and passed on the measurements to OPMAATZAGEN.nl. After delivery, adjust it a bit (old house, not everything is straight) and then place it in the right place. Just to be sure, check that everything closes exactly properly. And then it is time to screw everything down every 20 to 30 cm so that everything is sturdy. The next step is to prime it (maybe twice) and then paint it completely.

Dimensions of my DIY project

Total dimensions 3.7 m wide 1.46 m high Sloping wall approximately 2.6 m by 1.2 m high

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