DIY side panel for pax wardrobe from IKEA, by Meaux

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2 minutes

Do-it-yourself side panel for Pax wardrobe

Are you looking for a way to give your bedroom a personal touch? With this inspiration project we show how you can make a beautiful side panel for a Pax IKEA wardrobe with a little skill and the right materials. Designed and realized by Meaux, this side panel is not only a functional addition but also a stylish element in your interior.

The unique design

The project shows a side panel that is tailor-made by and self-installed by Meaux. The panel has been given a neutral color that fits perfectly with the white wardrobe, giving the whole a calm and harmonious appearance. The fine finish and the choice of MDF Blank 50 mm as material ensure a high-quality and durable result.

Perfect addition to the bedroom

The cabinet with the new side panel fits perfectly in the bedroom. Not only because of the appearance, but also because of the extra storage space it offers. Choosing to add a side panel to the existing Pax wardrobe is a smart way to increase storage capacity without cluttering the room.

Benefits of DIY

By DIY Once you get started with your wardrobe project, you will enjoy many benefits. For example, offers you the option to have the wood sawn to size, so that it fits seamlessly with your design and space. The freedom in choice of materials gives you the opportunity to completely tailor the project to your taste and budget.

A style that suits you

By enriching an existing Pax wardrobe with a self-made side panel, you create a unique style that perfectly reflects who you are. This project has been completed and the result is a beautiful, seamless integration of the side panel into the overall picture of the cabinet and the room.

The power of MDF

MDF Blank 50 mm is a popular type of wood for DIY projects. The material is known for its smooth finish, making it easy to paint or treat for any desired effect. Additionally, MDF is durable and offers excellent value for money, making it ideal for creating custom side panels for your cabinet.

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How next?

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