New paneling for plants against shed, by Jasper

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On this page you can read the story of Jasper, who made new paneling for the plants against his shed and how easy that was by ordering the wood to size. With his homemade paneling, Jasper has given his shed a new and attractive appearance. That is really handy!

Description of Jasper

A sturdy side wall under the stairs outside our garden. The wall ensures that the space under the stairs is a shed where we store garden tools.

How I made this project

It involved replacing rotten side walls of a garden shed under the stairs . We started by measuring the required sheet metal parts. Once these were delivered to your home at the agreed time, the job could begin. First remove the old rotten plates. Where necessary, the construction of the stairs was reinforced. A number of plates have been sawn to size and attached with screws. Everything fits neatly together. Finally, I hung the door back and connected and hung the outdoor lamp.

Dimensions of my DIY project

~240.0 x ~120.0 cm

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How next?

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