Homemade splashback for the kitchen from Alupanel-Dibond, by Ronald

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2 minutes

In this project Ronald describes how he covered the back wall of a kitchen in a creative way. He had the Alupanel Dibond material cut to size into tiles and treated them with paint himself before applying them to the back wall. Read more about his approach and experience below.

Description of Ronald

Tableau kitchen countertop.

As a visual artist, I was asked to design a splashback for the countertop. For this I chose Dibond as a material and had it cut to size.

How I made this project

I chose a tile size of 24.0 x 21.0 cm.

  1. After receipt I completed the side panels with the veil. This was to ensure a smooth transition without sharp edges during grouting.
  2. I then lightly sanded the front. This is to ensure better adhesion of the paint to be applied.
  3. Apply the paint in various colors to each tile using dripping movements.
  4. Then place the tile in the centrifuge and turn it on. . This spreads the paint and gives you a different result tile by tile.
  5. After spinning, let it dry and spray on the epoxy as a protective layer in 2 layers.
  6. Ready to be attached as a back wall of the countertop. The tiles are glued to the back wall.
  7. Then seal and see the result here.

To make the works of art for the splashback, you do need an old centrifuge. You must then adjust the tile size to the diameter of the centrifuge drum. Or, as I did myself, I removed the drum in its entirety and used a special construction to adjust it so that my tile size fits in the centrifuge and can spin safely. This was necessary for this job. otherwise I should have chosen a smaller size.

Ronald Motta Visual artist

Dimensions of my DIY project

The back wall is 340.0 cm long and 55. 0 cm high.

I chose a tile size of 24.0 x 21.0 cm.

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How next?

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