New fronts for the kitchen made of Birch plywood, by Piet

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I first made new drawers in an existing, old kitchen. Then new kitchen cabinet doors, drawer fronts and fronts for refrigerator and dishwasher made of Birch plywood 18 mm.

Work description: how did you realize your project

Because the guides of the old kitchen drawers were broken and No longer available due to different sizes, I made new kitchen drawers myself. The old fronts no longer fit there. I ordered new ones made of birch plywood from

First I sanded everything and rounded the edges myself. Then treated twice with Osmo hard wax oil, colorless 3032. Then I drilled new hinges and placed and hung everything. The door knobs and rubbish bin have been reused.

Final size: What are the outside dimensions?

4x Drawer fronts: 59.4 cm x 13.0 cm

1x drawer front : 59.4 cm x 17.7 cm

2 x drawer fronts: 89.4 cm x 28.9 cm

1x drawer front: 89.4 cm x 13.0 cm

2 x cabinet doors: 44.4 cm x 71.2 cm

2x fronts: 59.4 cm x 71.2 cm

1x front under oven: 59.4 cm x 11.2 cm

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