Coffee bar, conversion and doors for IKEA METOD kitchen cabinet, by Jesse

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2 minutes


A conversion for a freestanding refrigerator, doors and drawer fronts for an IKEA Metod kitchen cabinet and shelves and free-hanging drawers that serve as a coffee bar.

Work description: how did you your project realized

Two IKEA Metod cabinets of 60/200 (40.0 cm deep) serve as the basis for the project. A top cabinet (40.0 cm/80.0 cm) has been placed on the side, which serves as a drawer unit for a coffee bar. We shortened this in height and hung it with extra slats for support. The refrigerator is located in an offset in the wall. We used the plywood as cladding and fronts. We used an existing IKEA door and front as a template to place the hinges in the doors and mounting points of the drawer fronts. You can then easily copy the holes with a router. The side panel for the refrigerator is attached to the floor and wall with mounting brackets.

The plywood is finished with OSMO Topoil 3028. Due to the absorbent power of this material, several layers are necessary for a nice result. Tip: 'sand' with unprinted newspaper between layers; produces a smoother result.

Final size: What are the outside dimensions?

208 cm by 60/40 cm. 1 (60) deep part for the refrigerator which turns into a (40) shallow part.

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