Ikea kitchen hack: Kitchen green with milled kitchen doors and additional kitchen cabinets, by Frans

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DIY inspiration: A green Ikea kitchen hack

Discover how Frans transformed his kitchen with a beautiful Ikea kitchen hack. This DIY kitchen renovation is all about creativity and craftsmanship. Frans has chosen a fresh green color, combined with handmade details such as milled kitchen doors and custom-made kitchen cabinets. This project shows how you can transform a standard Ikea kitchen into a unique and stylish centerpiece of your home.

Cutting kitchen doors for a unique look

One of the most striking elements of this kitchen are the milled kitchen doors. By using milled patterns, Frans has created a classic yet modern look. The subtle lines and textures give the kitchen a luxurious look, without it looking too busy. The kitchen doors are painted in a soft green color, which creates a soothing and natural atmosphere.

Custom-made kitchen cabinets

In addition to the milled kitchen doors, Frans has also created additional kitchen cabinets. These cabinets are perfectly integrated with the existing Ikea cabinets, creating a seamless and uniform look. The wood for these cabinets was cut to size by OPMAATZAGEN.nl, which ensured a perfect fit and high quality. The extra storage space is not only practical, but also contributes to the aesthetics of the kitchen.

Chimney from an Ikea wall cabinet

A special detail in this kitchen is the mantelpiece, which is made is from a converted Ikea wall cupboard. This clever hack gives the kitchen a classic look and provides an interesting visual element. The mantelpiece is painted white, which contrasts nicely with the green kitchen doors and wooden worktops.

Advantages of making it yourself

Making a kitchen yourself offers many advantages. You have full control over the dimensions and choice of materials, which means that you can adapt the kitchen exactly to your wishes and the available space. Moreover, it is often more budget-friendly to make a kitchen yourself, because you are not stuck with standard sizes and materials. By using custom sawn timber from OPMAATZAGEN.nl, you have the flexibility to add unique and custom elements.

Style: Country Modern

The style of this kitchen can be described as rural modern. The combination of the green kitchen doors, the wooden worktops and the white mantelpiece gives the kitchen a warm and inviting appearance. The rural elements, such as the milled patterns and the rustic finish, are perfectly complemented by modern appliances and clean lines. This mix of styles creates a timeless and elegant kitchen that fits perfectly in both traditional and modern interiors.

Benefits of MDF

MDF is used for the kitchen doors and cabinets. MDF is a versatile and budget-friendly material that is easy to work with and paint. It provides a smooth and even finish, which is perfect for creating the sleek milled patterns in this kitchen. In addition, MDF is durable and strong, making it an excellent choice for kitchen cabinets.

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