Make your own kitchen worktop from concrete plywood and underlayment, by Roeland

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2 minutes

DIY Project: Kitchen Worktop

Bring character and functionality into your kitchen with a homemade worktop by Roeland, made from high-quality materials such as Betonplex and Underlayment. This inspiration project shows how you can create unique kitchen furniture with the services of and a good dose of creativity.

Detailed execution

The project consists of a sturdy worktop made of black Betonplex Birch with a thickness of 18 mm and a base cabinet made of Underlayment Radiata Pine B/C, also 18 mm thick. The natural wood grains and knots of the Underlayment give the furniture a warm and homely appearance, while the black Betonplex provides a modern and sleek finish. The doors are symmetrical and equipped with stylish knobs, which contributes to the traditional character of the furniture.

Perfect for the kitchen

The project is located in the kitchen, where the worktop is thanks to the natural wood tones harmonize with the appearance of the environment. The black top layer of the worktop contrasts nicely with the wooden details, makes it easy to keep clean and is ideal for daily use.

Make it yourself: advantages at a glance

By making your own To create a worktop, you not only opt for custom work that fits exactly in your kitchen, but you also enjoy the freedom to choose materials and finishes that meet your preferences. Making it yourself offers a significant cost-saving advantage, because you only pay for the materials and not for the often expensive brand furniture.

A stylish touch

This homemade kitchen solution radiates style . With a clear nod to the modern Scandinavian style, the furniture is minimalist and functional. The combination of natural and industrial elements makes it timeless and suitable for various interior designs.

Advantage of Betonplex Birch

Betonplex Birch Black combines the durability of birch wood with a weather-resistant coating, which makes it ideal makes for use in the kitchen. It is easy to clean and resistant to moisture, which gives the surface a long lifespan.

Why choose Underlayment Radiata Pine

Underlayment Radiata Pine B/C is not only sturdy, but also surprisingly light. The unique wood drawings provide warmth and atmosphere in every kitchen. The 18 mm thick panels are robust, yet easy to use for various DIY projects.

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How next?

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