Homemade MDF fronts for the kitchen, by Anne

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Create this project yourself with sheet material cut to size by OPMAATZAGEN.nl!





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Anne has pimped her kitchen using sawn MDF. She replaced the fronts and painted them in a matching color. The fronts are equipped with handles and hinges. A fun DIY project with a beautiful result!

Description by Anne

The kitchen could use an upgrade. I replaced the front of all the kitchen cabinets with the sawn sheet material from OPMAATZAGEN.nl. They have also been expanded with handles.

How I made this project

First I measured the old kitchen and ordered exactly these dimensions from the webshop. I painted the plates the same color as the inside of the current kitchen cabinets. I mounted new handles on the wood panels and then attached them to the existing kitchen units. There are 3 hinges on each plate for smooth movement. The plates also have dampers so that they will not close suddenly. A final transparent layer of lacquer provided a neat effect and makes the cabinets splash-friendly

Dimensions of my DIY project

3x 69.5cm x 59.5cm

1x 14cm x 59.5cm

1x 55cm x 59.5cm

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How next?

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