Make your own kitchen in the attic with help from IKEA and sawn underlayment, by Bronte

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In this project, Bronte shows how she created a beautiful kitchen in the attic with the help of Ikea and an old worktop. She ordered sawn panels of underlayment and OSB online to finish the kitchen. Read more about her approach in this blog.

Description of Bronte

We made a kitchen in our attic using Ikea and underlayment panels. This way the washing machine is nicely concealed and the attic can be used as a man cave.

How I made this project

Step-by-step plan for kitchen underlayment (ceramic top is remnant of old kitchen, there we will not discuss this further in this work description). 1. Determine how big your kitchen will be. 2. Cupboards + order hinges ikea 3. Measure door panels and worktop and order online. 4. Assemble cabinets. 5. Making frame with cabinets + worksheet. Additional struts with OBS plates. 6. Attach doors including hinges. 7. Treat wood with waterproof varnish. 8. Finishing: placing handles. 9. Turn on the refrigerator :)

Dimensions of my DIY project

300.0 x 80.0 x 95.0 cm

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How next?

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