Extendable kitchen for Land Rover made of concrete plywood, by Leon

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2 minutes

Description by Leon

I made a removable slide-out kitchen for the 1962 Land Rover Series 2a. This contains two gas burners, a water tap driven by a pump, a sink and cutting area. Via a selector tap at the front you can choose between an outside tap or a water tank. The construction also provides space for a gas bottle, water tank and cooling with freezer, which is accessible from the outside. All devices and applications can be removed from the construction so that the whole is easy to move and install.

How I made this project

I have included the dimensions of the Land Rover . I had two pull-out burners from Ali-express. I have come up with a solution within these restrictions and sizes. First I made the outlay with a partition, in which I mounted the guides for the burners. I used the space above to create 2 drawers. I limited the circumference of the gas bottle on the right side behind the pull-out pit with blocks. behind it, a water tank was selected to size. This is on an elevation with the technical room below: water pump, 220V exchanger, connection options for other electrical items such as refrigerator/freezer. A recess was made on the left side for the 12V connection from the Land Rover and a hole in the bulkhead for the cables and gas. Above the right-hand slide-out kitchen and next to the drawer an aluminum panel made for selecting tap water/tank water, filling nipple, bleed nipple and emergency stop pump. Then top panel attached. Rear panel divided into 2 parts, right part covers technical room (gas and water and electricity). Screw cap access to gas tap. Left side flap to access the refrigerator. Everything surrounded and collected by aluminum H profiles.

Dimensions of my DIY project

113.0 x 85.0 x 50.0 cm

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