A camper storage cabinet made of white birch multiplex, by Birgit

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2 minutes

Description by Birgit

L-shaped cupboard for the VW T6 California. It is a kind of kitchen module, but I deliberately did not have a sink or permanently installed gas stove. The gas connection and electricity are also in the bus and are simply led into the box from the back. So it is pure storage space for the cool box, gas bottle and other utensils. First of all a stable basic frame made of 12mm multiplex, I took the dimensions directly from the bus using cardboard templates. All connections doweled and glued, secured with small brackets. The door decorated with the router and the felt pockets are clearly attached. The flaps close with double ball catches. It is now attached to the guide rail in the bus with mounting brackets.

How I did this project

I realized it thanks to lots of YouTube videos :) because up to now I have only worked with a jigsaw. Now I am sure that anyone can do anything if they are motivated enough. It's not perfect but I'm very happy with the first box.

  1. Order square multiplex panels
  2. Transfer from template
  3. Jigsaw and bevel edges with the router
  4. Flexibly movable shelves
  5. Worktop 18mm wild oak doweled together (cheaper than sawing a wide panel in an L shape)
  6. Frame milled for stability and flaps covered with felt
  7. Install ball catches
  8. Handles made of fabric tape with black screws
  9. Side pockets will be placed in the bus

Dimensions of my DIY project

104.5 x 34.0 x 73.0 cm

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How next?

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