New fronts in camper made of MDF lacquer carrier foil, by Bart

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Description by Bart

New valves and doors for our old-timer camper from 1989. The camper was in need of a makeover. Do a lot yourself, so a new project was quickly devised. Measuring carefully is of course a must. Everything fits perfectly. Definitely going to make several projects with MDF and the router. Getting the glass from the milled MDF is still a thing. Prime well with MDF primer and sand the slots with fine sandpaper. I primed everything 3 times and varnished it 2 times

How I made this project

Bought it to size and then milled the profile. Prime with MDF primer and finish in RAL 9016 matt. Hinges were transferred from the old door and flaps and fitted with new handles. Mold made to get the correct dimensions for the handles. Placed the old flap and doors next to the new ones to get the hinges in exactly the right place. This means they can be reassembled quickly and neatly. The result is really great, wonderfully fresh and light. Very nice job!

Dimensions of my DIY project

Not applicable various sizes.

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