Make your own caravan drawbar box with Betonplex, by Stefan

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2 minutes

Transform your caravan with a custom drawbar box

Are you a do-it-yourselfer who likes to get started with your own hands? Then be inspired by Stefan's project, in which he created a practical drawbar box for his caravan. Ideal for the handy adventurers among us!

The construction of a caravan drawbar box

Stefan has made a sturdy drawbar box for his caravan that is not only functional but also stylish. The drawbar box is made of Betonplex Birch Anti-slip of 9 mm thick, making it weather resistant and has a rough texture that prevents slipping. This wood was sawn to size by, so Stefan could be sure of a perfect fit.

Construction and details

The drawbar box that Stefan made was custom-made so that it fits exactly into the drawbar of the caravan. He has ensured that the box is spacious enough to store essential items such as gas bottles and tools safely and conveniently. The base plate is firmly attached and provides stability and support, with the anti-slip qualities of the Betonplex Birch used.

The unique thing about this project is not only the functionality, but also the finish. Stefan has ensured that the drawbar box is not only sturdy and usable, but also fits well with his caravan, making it look as if it is an original part.

Advantage of do-it-yourself

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By making a drawbar box for the caravan himself, Stefan had the freedom to choose the exact sizes and materials he needed. This allowed him to tailor a solution that met his specific needs and budget. This flexibility in dimensions and choice of materials means that you get a product that is specially designed for your situation - something you often miss with pre-made solutions.

Style and finish

The drawbar box is not only practical, but also adds a sleek and robust appearance to the caravan. With its dark concreteplex base plate and subtle details, the box fits perfectly with the modern exterior of the caravan, while at the same time it has a professional appearance.

The durability of Betonplex Birch

Choosing Betonplex Birch Anti-slip for the drawbar box was a conscious choice because of its strong and durable properties. This material is resistant to weather influences and the non-slip surface provides extra safety during use.

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How next?

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