Custom self-built workbench from beech joinery panel, by Pasquale

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2 minutes

Pasquale created a custom workbench himself. Since he has limited space in his garage, he chose to customize the workbench himself. He opted for beech wood sawn to size.

Pasquale's description

I needed a sturdy and stable work table, with an adequate surface, a vice and other support systems locking of pieces; I also needed to expand the surface of my De Walt 745 circular saw and create a support base for the Triton MOF001 router. However, the space available in my garage is very limited, so I decided to create a single multifunctional counter, which was both a work table and a support for power tools and which was equipped with retractable wheels (photo 12), to be able to move it easily if necessary.

How I created this project

The counter measures 160 x 90 cm, height 95 (with the wheels retracted); the upper surface and the jaw of the vice are made of 40 mm thick laminated beech; everything else is in 18 mm birch plywood. Each element of the supporting structure (photo 10) is made up of several pieces (generally 3) glued together, so as to easily obtain the mortise-tenon joints and to guarantee good strength (photo 11). The surface on which the circular saw rests is adjustable in height using four screws with knobs positioned under the surface itself (photo 6). In one of the lower compartments I will house the aspirator and the cyclonic separator for the sawdust. At a later stage I intend to create a series of drawers on the front side and doors to close the extractor compartment.

Dimensions of my DIY project

160.0 x 90.0 x 95.0 cm

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