Floating desk with Finnish spruce underlayment, by Kristian

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2 minutes


In our small office I made a floating desk between the two walls. The top consists of two underlayment plates to achieve the desired thickness (24 mm). The desk was then placed on a frame of pine beams. It has become a great place to work!

Work description: how did you realize your project

I had two 12 mm underlayment panels cut to size by Opmaatzagen.nl for the magazine. Have the top or bottom of both plates beveled at the front to have a nice and smooth finish on the side you are sitting on.

First fix both plates exactly together with wood glue and a few screws (3.5 x16mm) at the bottom of the blade. I opted for 2x 12 mm to get a nice thickness of 24 mm for the table top (not too thin and not too thick).

Then I made a frame from pine beams along the two side walls and back wall. (35x69) and a crossbeam (44x44), which is attached between the wall beams with angle irons.

Finally, cutouts were made for the radiator pipes and the desktop was finished with a clear furniture lacquer.

h3>Final size: What are the outside dimensions?

Desk: 70.0 cm x 190.0 cm

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