Cabinet wall with integrated workbench, by Jeroen

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A workbench with two robust drawers and sliding doors.

A matching tool board and a connecting cabinet wall with doors and flap cabinets. The cupboard wall includes a built-in refrigerator with ventilation openings in the door.

Cupboard wall and workbench made of pine panels

I have started drawing up a package of requirements. For example, I looked at which items needed to be stored in the cupboard wall. In combination with the available space in the garage, I started making sketches of the whole.

I then chose a design and got to work. First made the frame of the workbench and worktop. Then the cupboard wall with all the doors and skirting boards and then the tool board. Finally, the drawers and sliding doors were made in the workbench.

Large and practical cupboard wall

Height of cupboard wall= 260.0 cm
Height of workbench incl. board = 216.0 cm
Width cabinet wall = 220.0 cm
Workbench width = 252.0 cm
Depth of cupboard wall = 58.0 cm
Depth workbench = 74.0 cm

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