Art installation of gouaches about African plants, by Francisca

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Very easy

2 minutes

Francisca shares her creative process behind the art installation in which she combines beautiful gouaches of African plants to create a unique artistic experience. The installation brings the beauty and diversity of the plant world to life in vibrant colors and shapes.

Description of Francisca

Gouaches painted on paper, pasted on boards so that they are paintings in series without frames . First prime both sides of MDF with caparol, let it dry, then smear the paper and board with bookbinding glue, press the edges with a microfiber cloth. and dried under weighted books between plastic and finally fixed. Now they can be attached to the wall with double-sided tape or hanging hook

How I made this project

1. measuring

2. order waterproof MDF 313 to size

3. Ground planks with caparol on both sides

4. let dry

5. Coat paper on the non-painted side with bookbinder's glue as well as the board

6. Press firmly with hand and microfiber cloth

7. let it dry under protection with a plastic bag or something like that on top and a thick book on top.

8. The next day it is ready, fix it and attach a hanging hook or double-sided tape and hang it on the wall or exhibit it at your home or in a beautiful gallery or at an exhibition

Dimensions of my DIY project

65 x 104 cm installation works of art

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How next?

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