Custom built-in cupboard in the living room with MDF, by Lotte

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2 minutes

Description of Lotte

We really wanted a built-in cabinet with seating option, which could also be used later as a TV cabinet. And that is happiness!! We came up with our dream cupboard at the kitchen table. We ordered everything from and with the handy description that came with it we could easily put everything together. It turned out exactly as we had in mind. So cool! We made the seat ourselves with fabric and memory foam. The dog has also been given its own place in the cupboard.

How I made this project

After we received the custom-sawn wood pieces at home, we put the cupboard in one afternoon put together. Step by step we started building the cupboard. First the bottom layer and then a lot higher. After the cabinet was assembled, we started painting the doors before hanging them. And then the rest of the painting could begin. Of course, first sand it thoroughly and then apply MDF primer and it was then well covered with 2 layers of paint. We also did a part without primer, but we needed at least 3 or sometimes 4 layers of paint to cover it. So primer is a great tip!! We chose to cover some of the doors of the cupboard with wallpaper. And to finish it off completely, we added a button that opens and closes the door. We assembled the seating area with a large MDF board. The MDF board protrudes 8.0 cm from the front. There is a memory foam cushion on the MDF plate and we tightened the fabric around it and secured it with staples (a tagger). The dog has also been given a nice place in the cupboard. We are very happy with this cabinet. It is beautiful.

Dimensions of my DIY project

254.0 x 404.0 x 38.0 cm

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