Make your own beehive with waterproof sawn plywood, by Alexander

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Above average

2 minutes

Alexander built a custom beehive himself. He ordered sawn waterproof plywood and concrete plywood online. His unique individual beehive design turned out well!

Description from Alexander

The project is called Beehive.... A single-room hive is being created, which however offers a certain flexibility. The possibility of dividing the basic hive (two colonies) and expanding it with conventional and purchased hives (extension). A work space under the hive enables the uncomplicated use of medical and care products. Ventilation and temperature can be controlled with various inserts. The hive also contains a large viewing window, which allows regular observation without disturbance. The aim is to use this hive in school lessons in the future to teach children and young people about the colony structure, life and behavior, and to sensitize the "new" generation to the important topic of pollination by bees. Without insects and bees there is no life!

How I made this project

After a long research, a drawing was created which includes "all" the advantages of different beekeeping systems. Single-room hive, division possible, viewing window, extension and attachment of honey chamber, work space, raised entrance hole, good ventilation options and control, good insulation properties of the wood..... The perfect cut enables quick and precise work. Screwing and gluing the weatherproof wooden panels. Cutting and milling work for the window front. Doors so that the bees are not permanently disturbed during work. Oiling with natural linseed oil. Almost finished..... Now spring just has to come so that the bees can move in.

Dimensions of my DIY project

115.0 * 42.0 cm

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How next?

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