DIY bee hotels made of multiplex and reeds, by Bettina

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Bettina's bee hotel: A DIY project for insect protection

At a time when insect protection is becoming increasingly important, Bettina has implemented a DIY project that is not only visually appealing, but also makes a valuable contribution to the environment. The bee hotel she created, artfully made from high-quality multiplex and natural reeds, is a prime example of the harmonious combination of functionality and aesthetics.

The construction of the bee hotel

Bettina's craftsmanship is reflected in the precise execution of the bee hotel. The components were cut to size at OPMAATZAGEN.nll. 18 mm and 10 mm thick multiplex was used, which impresses with its water-resistant properties. The unique structure of the wood and the warm colors give the hotel a natural aesthetic.

Detailed workmanship

The centerpiece of the insect hotel is a multitude of reeds, carefully arranged to provide small insects such as wild bees with a place to nest and overwinter. The natural nature of the reeds means that the hotel blends harmoniously into any garden or balcony.

Positioning in the room

Although the bee hotel is ideal for outdoor use, it can also be an eye-catcher indoors, such as in a light-flooded winter garden. Here it underlines the connection between people and nature and also serves as a symbol of environmental protection.

The added value of self-production

Producing a bee hotel yourself not only saves money, but also allows for individual design according to your own wishes and dimensions. By choosing the multiplex and reeds, Bettina was able to use materials that are durable and ideally suited to the purpose. The free choice of materials and the flexibility in size adjustment make this project particularly attractive for DIY enthusiasts.

Sustainable style

This bee hotel not only combines practical aspects of insect protection, but is also characterized by its sustainable style. The use of natural and robust materials stands for a durable construction that also provides lasting aesthetic pleasure.

Advantages of the multiplex panels used

The multiplex panels used by Bettina in 18 mm and 10 mm thickness offer high resistance to moisture. This property is invaluable, as the bee hotel remains intact and safe for its small residents even in changeable weather conditions. In addition, the material enables all components of the project to be worked out cleanly and precisely.

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