DIY tips: Painting MDF

Your MDF project has been cut by and now it's up to you to finish it off nicely! Of course you want to paint the project in the colour that you have chosen, but how do you start?

Preparation: take your time!

Before you actually start working with paint and roller, it is important to take enough time for the preparations. MDF Clear in particular requires some preparation. With MDF blank you will notice that the surface is already quite smooth. Nevertheless, it is necessary to degrease the surface first. MDF is a material that consists of pressed fibres, which are bonded together with a resin. This resin is a little greasy, which makes it difficult for the paint to adhere. Degreasing with thinner, ammonia or a special MDF degreaser is therefore essential! Next, you can lightly sand the MDF with a fine grain. Use 180-grit paper or higher to prevent scratches.

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Do I need to use primer?

Clear MDF has an absorbent effect. In order to achieve a nice, even result, it is therefore wise to first apply a primer. If you use water-based paint, then also choose a water-based primer. It is possible to dilute the first layer of primer so that the suction of the material will be much less during the next coating. There are also special MDF primers on the market. After one or two layers of primer you can start with the lacquer layer. To prevent the material from warping, it is advisable to apply one or two coats of primer to the back of the board. Do not forget to pre-treat the ends as well for a smooth result!

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MDF lacquer wear saves a lot of time!

MDF Paint Carrier is the same as MDF Clear, only this board is already provided with a so-called paint carrier film. This foil works as a primer, so that the MDF will not absorb the paint so strongly. This saves a lot of time! With MDF paint carrier you can immediately start applying the chosen paint colour after you have lightly sanded the foil. But do not forget to pay extra attention to the ends that are in sight.

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