Making Ikea hacks yourself

Almost everyone has IKEA furniture in their home. Handy and affordable, but not always original. Would you like to transform your IKEA furniture into a unique eye-catcher? You can! In this article, we share IKEA hacks from our handymen with you for a dose of inspiration.

IKEA hacks DIY

You probably have some IKEA furniture in your home. It could be anything. A kitchen, a wardrobe, a storage cupboard, children's furniture, a wall unit, a play table, you name it. Our handymen have become adept at creating IKEA hacks for this furniture and are happy to share their projects with you. Get inspiration for your homemade IKEA hack here!

For each project, we indicate which sheet material the handymen used for the IKEA hack. So you can order the materials used quickly and easily in our webshop. Indeed, at you buy precisely cut material in almost all forms and with many finishes. Just delivered to your home. That saves a lot of sawing!

IKEA Kallax hack for LEGO play table

Handyman Undine put two IKEA KALLAX cabinets next to each other. On top of these, she laid a 40 mm plywood interior poplar board, with some rubber stickers underneath so the board doesn't slide. She had us round off the plywood board so the children can play safely.

This IKEA play table hack is super practical and very easy to make!

Play table for lego from Plywood Interior Poplar 40 mm, by Nina

Wall cabinet with IKEA LACK wall shelves

When you combine to size MDF panelen with IKEA LACK wall shelves, you get this extraordinary wall cabinet for the kitchen. With space for coffee and tea equipment, cookbooks, glassware and wine bottles.

Handyman Jaap used 18 mm MDF panels cut to size and mitred by us for this. He glued these into two thick side walls and finished them in black. In between, he placed IKEA LACK shelves.

As John himself says "The mitered was razor-sharp and seamless, really nice work." Thanks John, and we think your homemade IKEA hack is beautiful work too!

MDF Wall cupboard doorless kitchen, by Jaap

To size worktop for IKEA kitchen

Handyman Folkert ordered the worktop for his IKEA kitchen from us. He chose 27 mm berken multiplex sheet material with edges beveled by us. As he wanted fast delivery, he cut out the sink himself.

Do it yourself: make a kitchen worktop from Plywood, by Folkert

Playcorner made of IKEA NORDLI and pine timber panels

The IKEA NORDLI range consists of several chests of drawers. To turn this into an fun playcorner for the kids, handyman William made a frame for it using pine timber panels.

The boards have been bevelled by us. By also attaching panels to the side, it looks like one whole. The vuren timmerpanelen are lacquered for a durable result.

Play corner with plank of Spruce Lumber Panel, by William

Top panels on IKEA NORDLI

Handyman Jasper also embarked on an IKEA NORDLI hack. He chose top panels made of eiken timmerpanelen. By sanding these materials and treating them with wood oil, the overall look is natural and calm. The result is a beautiful paneled chest of drawers.

Beautiful top panels for on an Ikea Nordli wardrobe, by Jasper

Hack for IKEA EKET system

This homemade IKEA hack comes from handyman Christiaan. He used some EKET parts to make a desk with a wooden worktop. For the worktop, he used a large rustiek eiken timmerpaneel. This he treated with wax three times and sanded in between. The shelf was attached to the EKET cabinets via the underside.

Children's desk IKEA Eket hack with Oak carpentry panel, by Christiaan

Play corner with IKEA PLATSA

A PLATSA basic element is a great way to create a cosy playcorner for your little one. Handyman Diederik ordered plywood birch and an MDF board from He used the MDF for a white backboard, but by cleverly assembling it, he also creates a storage space for booklets. Convenient!

With this IKEA hack, Diederik's little one can play nicely and there is also space to store things. The cupboards are hung on the wall and the little lamp next to them completes it.

Play kitchen / play corner / storage cupboard for the little one, by Diederik

Drawing and craft corner with IKEA MALM

Drawers from the IKEA MALM series serve as the base of this cosy drawing and craft corner for children. This handyman chose a sturdy plywood board 27 mm thick, so that it does not bend and the children can work comfortably on it. We rounded off the panel, which looks nice and is more comfortable.

The coloured poufs in front of it and the chalkboard behind it make it a cosy place, which the children are very happy with.

Cosy drawing and craft corner for the kids with Multiplex

Big shoe cabinet hack from IKEA TRONES

You can recognise a real hack by its creativity. Because, why use IKEA TRONES shoe cabinets to store your shoes? Handyman Ebbe used these bins to build a practical hall closet. Ideal for storing scrap paper, cleaning products, office supplies and other items.

He finished the bins on the sides with, in his own words, a 'load of wood' from (it was MDF). He thought it was so simple that he didn't even need a working drawing.

In the corner, he very skilfully incorporated a hidden door. If that's not an IKEA hack!

Finishing hall closet, by Ebbe


The SKARSTA base is of course very suitable as a base for a desk. This handyman wanted a lot of desk space, so he called us large sheets cut to size plywood interior poplar

The plywood panels were finished with wood filler and primer. Afterwards, the desk tops were treated with silk lacquer. Simple and convenient!

Desks in home office, by van Rijn

For a different look, you can also choose a desk with oak joinery panels

New home office with solid oak! By Dennis

Beautiful shoe cabinet with IKEA STÄLL

An IKEA STÄLL shoe cabinet is pretty boring on its own. Practical, but not an eye-catcher. Handyman Pascal decided it could be different and turned it into this beautiful shoe cabinet. This IKEA hack was made to sized mahonie timmerpaneel. The mahogany panels are treated with grey wax oil.

Assembly is a bit of a chore, though. You need to measure the exact outer dimensions of the shoe cabinet carefully before ordering the material. Pascal glued the different shelves and screwed them together from the inside.

The result is eye-catching and practical!

Enclosure shoe cabinet Ställ IKEA with solid mahogany, by Pascal

IKEA hacks with METOD and FAKTUM

Do you have an IKEA kitchen with METOD or FAKTUM parts? You can also hack those in very nice ways.

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IKEA hacks with the SMÅSTAD system

The IKEA SMÅSTAD system can be seen in many children's rooms. It is ideal for storing all the children's things and clothes. But, it is nice to liven up the somewhat dull appearance of these cupboards.

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IKEA hacks with the BESTA system

The IKEA BESTA system is ideal for putting together your own TV cabinet or wall unit. Are you just a bit done with the boring, monotonous colours of this system? We have inspiration for this too in the form of original hacks for you!

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IKEA hacks for PAX cabinet

PAX wardrobes offer loads of space and lots of handy gadgets. Want to hack your IKEA PAX wardrobe? Then check out our article on IKEA PAX hacks!

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Getting started with your homemade IKEA hacks

In this article, we have shared with you some IKEA hacks from our handymen. Hopefully this will inspire you to create an original project of your own! 

For the perfectly cut-to-size sheet material for your job, of course, you need to be at It will make your project a lot easier. We simply deliver the wood, with your own characteristics, to your home. All you have to do is attach it to your IKEA furniture! 

Have fun coming up with your oak IKEA hack!

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