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Panel boards are finished boards that are sold in fixed sizes. You can choose between furniture panels and joinery panels. The difference between the two types of panel boards is explained in this article.

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What are furniture panels?

Furniture panels consist of a board material, often a fibre board, which is finished with a laminated top layer. The front sides of furniture panels are also finished. If you buy a furniture panel from a DIY or home improvement shop, it is often furniture panel based on chipboard. These panels are sold in standard sizes. At OPMAATZAGEN.nl we can cut the furniture panels to millimetre size. So your furniture panel fits your job exactly!

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The construction of furniture panels

Furniture panels can have a core of MDF or chipboard. The top and bottom, as well as the ends, are coated with a top layer that protects the panel. This top layer is moisture-resistant and available in various colours and patterns.

The ends of furniture panels

The ends can be finished with edge banding or ABS banding. An ABS band is a hard plastic band of 1 or 2 mm thickness. The appearance of the ABS band is the same as the appearance of the top layer of the board material, so that the board forms a tight whole. Edge banding is also an option for finishing the end edges. This is a thin 0.3 mm thick strip with a thin layer of glue.

Made-to-measure furniture panels

If you want to order a made-to-measure furniture panel, existing furniture panels are sawn to size for you. As a result, one or more of the short sides will lose their finish. It is often the case that the short sides have no finish at all. The back of the long side may or may not have a finish, depending on the width you choose.

Applying edgebanding to furniture panels yourself
If you have furniture panel sawn to size, you may lose the finish of the end edges. Fortunately, edge banding is easy to apply again. You can even do this at home with the help of an iron.

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Applying edge banding to furniture panels, chipboard and MDF

  1. Make sure that the edge banding you want to use is a little longer and wider than the end you want to finish.
  2. Place the pre-glued edge banding on the end side you wish to finish.
  3. Heat the iron on the lowest setting and turn off the steam function.
  4. Carefully go over the edge band with the iron. For protection, you can place a paper between the edge band and the iron.
  5. Press the edge banding firmly again and allow the glue to dry for a few minutes.
  6. Remove the remaining edge banding from the board. You can do this by placing the board vertically on the edge banding and carefully cutting off the remnants with a Stanley knife. You can also use a file to remove the remnants, but make sure that you do not damage the top layer.

What are Timber panels?

Carpentry panels are made of solid wood slats. This gives carpentry panels a much more natural appearance than, for example, furniture panels. You often see timber panels used in stylish tables or sturdy cupboard doors, for example. These panels are made from spruce and pine, amongst others, and are sold in fixed sizes. However, at OPMAATZAGEN.nl you can order them to size, down to the last millimetre; so you can get straight on with your job!

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The construction of Timber panels

Timmerpanelen worden gemaakt van meerdere latten massief hout. Deze latten worden kruislings met elkaar verlijmd en gekantrecht zodat er een mooie, nette plaat ontstaat. Vervolgens worden de kopse kanten van de lange zijden afgerond. Hierdoor zijn timmerpanelen gebruiksklaar en kunnen ze, nadat ze zijn afgewerkt met een (transparante) lak, direct gebruikt worden.

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Timber panels to size

A Timber panel is normally delivered in fixed sizes, but at OPMAATZAGEN.nl you can order customised joinery panels! This can be done up to the millimetre! Please note that when sawing timber panels to size, one or more of the end edges may be sawn off. Fortunately, when ordering you can have the roundings put back on, which is very handy!


Ordering customised panel boards

You can easily order a panel board to size at OPMAATZAGEN.nl. Thanks to computer-controlled sawing machines, we can cut the material to millimetre accuracy. We can of course do this in squares and rectangles, but also in triangles, circles, trapezoids and parallelograms. For example, you can use sawn-to-size panel boards to make a work surface or kitchen worktop.

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