Doing odd jobs without painting? Use melamine faced chipboard!

Do you like DIY, but don't like the paintwork? Then use chipboard that does not need to be painted! Curious? Read more here!

The fun of making things yourself

Everyone likes to make something themselves. Turning an idea into reality is a very cool process and it is of course always nice to show something you have made yourself to others. There are also a few drawbacks to making a DIY project yourself. For example, painting, but this is not always necessary by using, for example, chipboard melamine panels.

What we often struggle with

However, there are often less fun things about a DIY project. Many people are reluctant to customise the materials for the project and to finish it. We have been able to tailor the parts for them for a while and now we can also take care of finishing the project for you. How? By using decorative sheet material!

The alternative

Decorative board material is a variant of standard board material, often chipboard or MDF, with a finished top layer applied to it. This layer is available in many different colours and possibly with different structures. Do you want a sleek, coloured cabinet? Then you can use material that already has that colour and you do not have to paint anymore!

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Melamine faced chipboard furniture

Decorative panels are often used to make furniture. Furniture often has a large surface area and therefore takes a lot of time to finish. By using decorative sheet material, you don't have to do any work on the finish and you make sure that everything looks neat. With us, you can have custom-made cabinets made from this material. Super convenient, because you only have to assemble these cabinets at home and then you're done!

Design a custom-made shelving unit from decorative material!

Order your custom-made sheets!

Do you want to work with decorative sheet material on your next job? Then let us cut it to size! We saw your material to the millimetre and can even saw it into different shapes for you. So you don't have to use a saw anymore! We cut your order to size and can deliver it to your home within 3 working days.

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Finishing the edges

With decorative board material, it is important that it is completely finished. However, the edges of the material are not finished yet. Finishing these can be done with ABS tape. You can easily do this yourself at home. For the cabinets of this material, we do this ourselves, of course.