Spruce wooden toy box, by Thom

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Description by Thom

A cupboard made of pine wood for storing toys. The toy bins can be placed in the cupboard using drawer guides. The boxes are from Ikea and were used as measurements. The intermediate size is 30.4 cm, 4 mm larger than the Ikea box, so there is enough space to slide the box into the cupboard. I used 18 mm thick pine wood with a 6 mm thick MDF board. After screwing it has become a sturdy whole.

How I made this project

The pine wood was first sanded and then stained once. The drawer guides are attached to the standing shelves at equal distances. Then measured and drilled the holes in the top and bottom of the cabinet. The top and bottom measured exactly where the standing planks should be placed. After this the cabinet was drilled together. Felt pads were attached to the bottom and the MDF plate to the back for strength and to ensure that the bins cannot come out from the back.

Dimensions of my DIY project

Wide: 130, 6 cm
High: 55.0 cm
Deep: 43.5 cm

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