Round concrete look dining room table made of MDF, by Maarten

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Thanks to the excellent cooperation of, I received an excellent finished moisture-resistant MDF panel. I needed this round MDF plate to make a concrete look table. A moisture-resistant MDF board is suitable for concrete ciré.

Work description: how did you realize your project

To design a concrete-look table, several steps were taken to arrive at the final end result . I started by sanding the table, both the top and bottom, but I also sanded the entire side. I then applied a primer with grain, so that the table has a coarser structure in the end result. After 24 hours I applied the grit primer again. After waiting another 24 hours, I applied the concrete ciré. I did this twice to make the layer sturdier. After the concrete ciré had completely hardened, I impregnated the table. By impregnating you ensure that the table is resistant to unexpected stains, but also to hot cups of tea or pans.

Final size: What are the external dimensions?

The dimensions of the ordered product are:
Diameter: 120.0 cm
Width: 30 mm

By spreading concrete ciré, only the width has increased. Final format width: 33 mm.

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