Make your own oval desk and/or table with copper-colored base, by Jamie

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Very easy

2 minutes


With a beautiful oval MDF plate from and a bronze-colored base, we were able to create a beautiful oval desk for the new office. Completely in style with the rest of the room!

DIY: make an oval table yourself

The project was very simple: we ordered a base in the right color on the internet, and ordered a lacquer-bearing MDF board of 28mm thickness via

The dimensions of the top were 190.0 cm x 90.0 cm, with a rounded outer edge (top and bottom) with a radius of 6 mm.

After the table top was delivered quickly We cleaned it thoroughly with St Marc soap and removed the stickers. We then sanded the top lightly and paid some extra attention to the edges, which were of course a bit coarser from milling.

After drying thoroughly, we placed the top on 2 buckets, so that it was free all around. and we could paint well. With "Flexa tight in the paint" We painted the top black on one side in 2 layers.

We then placed the bases and then placed the table 'upright' put. After putting it upright, we also painted the top of the top.

The result turned out fantastic!

Custom oval table

LxWxH - 190, 0x90.0x70.0 cm

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