Replaced shelves in existing storage cupboard, by Romy

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Very easy

2 minutes

Often the base of a (storage) cupboard is still good and therefore a shame to throw away. Due to water damage at Romy, the shelves of her storage furniture were completely warped. By ordering cut-to-size sheet material online, you can quickly and easily create new shelves for your existing cupboard. 

Description by Romy

As a result of water in our basement, the previous cabinets we had purchased became completely wet. This caused the wooden planks on top to become completely deformed. I then looked for a manufacturer who could cut wood to size at a reasonable price. I soon found this handy webshop. The website clearly stated which type of wood was best to use for my project. In addition, it was very easy to enter the desired dimensions. Due to the fast delivery time and the interesting price, I decided to order 20 planks. A little later I was able to put my basement back in order.

How I made this project

Since I already had the frame of my previous storage cabinets, I don't really have to do much more then put the shelves in the cupboard. Because my previous planks were so deformed because they had become wet, I chose to varnish them first and then paint them white. This way, the storage space is a little brighter in the dark basement. Now I'm still hesitating whether to install LED lighting to make the cupboard even brighter.

Dimensions of my DIY project

90.0 x 180.0 cm w x h

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How next?

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€ 113,00

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