Radiator casing with cabinets and windowsill made of MDF lacquer, by Alex

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With a little skill and sawn sheet material ordered online, you can create beautiful projects. This also applies to this radiator conversion with cabinets and seat by Alex. He ordered sawn MDF lacquer carrier film and got to work with it. 

Description by Alex

I made a radiator conversion with cabinets on either side. In the subsequent 'floating' windowsill made slots for the warm air and two sockets have been incorporated, one of which has USB chargers.

How I made this project

After a lot of measuring and making a detailed drawing first of all the shelves for the cupboards and the plate for the grille in front of the heating. All lacquer-based MDF. Measured to the mm and also delivered. Because there is a socket in the wall on the left, a hole was cut in the box so that extension cables can supply both boxes with power and a socket in the windowsill can also accommodate two sockets. Sharp edges rounded with an edge cutter. The radiator plate is provided with 18mm wide slots using a box cutter. End edges of ge material primed twice and primed again for a smooth finish. Being able to paint the planks outside during the beautiful past few days. (2 layers) and on a once manufactured 'drying rack' allow to harden. Then I also got a sheet of oak-veneered MDF. Unfortunately it was a bit too short. Extended with panel connectors, so that I could make a window sill of 3.20 meters. Updated with the belt sander to exactly follow the non-straight wall. Then milled 10 mm slots at the top. Take into account a place for a flower pot. Furniture fittings, 'powerdots' and ordered a hole saw to be able to use it in the windowsill. Edges veneered and finished with three layers of skylt lacquer. In the end, the windowsill was not thickened, but some leftover material was incorporated at the bottom, so that a 'floating' effect is created. Then reassembled as a kit.

Dimensions of my DIY project

The window sill is 320.0 cm wide. The cabinets are 40.0 cm deep and 87.0 and 71.0 cm wide respectively. The radiator plate is 160.0 cm wide. The windowsill is 43.0 cm deep, at the window approximately 53.0 cm.

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How next?

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